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Midnight blue sequin table cloths add a luxurious touch to any venue

With their subtle sparkle, our midnight blue sequin table cloths add a lustre to tables, especially in candlelight.

  • Just one of a range of beautiful colours, chosen to co-ordinate with every theme
  • Furthermore, they come in useful shapes and sizes, including runners, round and rectangular cloths
  • Use different shapes and sizes throughout the reception area, to add interest and lustre
  • Add highlights to tables, by using the runners or the smaller round centre cloths
  • Use the floor length versions, for full on, old fashioned glamour!
  • Most of all we just love to use the the full length cloths for dressing the wedding cake table and top table
  • Zaza has a high density of sequins for a quality look
  • In addition, we often line our midnight blue sequin cloths with another layer of fabric. This is so they don’t become transparent in bright sunlight!

Sequins, the epitome of rustic luxe!

We’re often asked if sequined linens look best in a particular style of venue.  In our opinion, the cloths look equally great in a grand hotel or country barn.  In many ways, it’s the contrast of the delicate sheen of the sequins and the mattness of rough stone or natural wood, that’s especially great.

Matte or sparkle sequins, which to choose?

It’s really a matter of personal choice but most of all, go with what you fancy. We love both finishes, for different reasons.  The matte finishes give a subtle lustre, which can lift the flatness of the more classic table linens. In addition, the subtle neutrals, such as champagne gold, can give texture and offer understated glamour.  Whereas the more shiny sparkle finish reflects light, making it great for darker venues, where there is not much natural light.

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Rectangular cloth, round cloth, runner


48" diameter


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